SolisTek Digital Lighting Controller


The SolisTek Digital Lighting Controller is the next level of controls with industry’s most precise temperature monitoring for your garden.  Run up to 300 lights per controller in 2 independant zones.  The SolisTek Controller is an incredibly simple tool to program & use.  This controller has been extensively tested and desgined for commercial cultivation.


Featuring Exlcusive SolisTek Features:


– Run 2 Independant Light Cycles (2 zones)
– Integrate Industry’s most Precise Temperature Monitoring
– Customize Sunrise & Sunset Options
– Data Log Tracks Garden Activity & Events
– High Temperature Auto Dim & Shut off
– SolisTek Exclusive Functions & Features
– Incredible Simplicity


SolisTek Controller Manual



Exclusive SolisTek Features:


– Ability to control up to 300 lights with a single controller.
– Control 2 independent zones – 150 lights/garden with different lighting technologies (i.e: DE and/or CMH)

Run 2 Independent Light Cycles (2 zones)

– Light cycles A & B can run on completely independent schedules with different models.
– Perfect for controlling both a vegetative room and flower room simultaneously.

Standard & Asynchronous timer capability

– Ability to set the timer based on either standard 24 hours or non-24 hour days.
– Replicate natural daylight hours or shorten your harvest by using the asynchronous timer.

Integrate Industry’s most Precise Temperature Monitoring

– Connect up to 50 temperature sensors per controller (25 per zone) for the most accurate plant canopy temperature monitoring available.

High Temperature Auto Dim & Shut off

– Set custom parameters to safely auto dim & auto shutoff. If any of the temperature sensors exceeds the set point, corrective action will immediately take place.

Customize Sunrise, Sunset, and Cloud Mode Options

– Provide your garden with a gentle start and a peaceful end of day with sunrise & sunset simulation control.
– Replicate nature and benefit from energy savings by activating Cloud Mode.

Data Log Tracks Garden Activity & Events

– Data Log keeps track of all activity & events. Record your garden start / end events as well as be alerted to any faults or warnings.

Exclusive Functions & Features

– The Solis Tek Digital lighting controller is equipped with exclusive SolisTek features and is one of the easiest and most effective controllers to use on the market.

Weight 6 lbs

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