Solis-Tek SenseSmart checks for 8 different factors using Pre-ignition self-diagnostic checks before attempting to power the lamp; this is intended for increased user safety.

SenseSmart checks for:

1.  Open output2. High/low temps3. Ignition failure4. Thermal
5. End of lamp life6. Overflow current7. Over/low voltage8. Short circuit
Solis Tek digital ballasts complete a closed circuit between the lamp and power source.  If any sort of break or inconsistency has been detected, it will not strike the lamp.  The ballast will detect if the lamp is too hot to ignite, lamp compatibility issues, if there is no lamp plugged in, or if a lamp is defective or about to fail as it will detect that it is not receiving enough of a signal coming back.  It can even detect if there’s a short on your wiring, reflector, lighting controller, or a defective breaker on an electrical panel.
This is all apart of our exclusive SenseSmart safety mechanism that we introduced to this industry in 2010.  If it detects any sort of anomalies or disturbances it will turn off the lamp and attempt to re-strike every 90 seconds until it deems that it is safe to ignite.  99% of the time an error code is displayed (Matrix) or if the green led (standard unit) stays on without the lamp igniting it is pointing to something on the users end to troubleshoot.  In the rare instance that a component goes out the ballast will disable itself to prevent anything further from happening.

Ignition Control, SenseSmart & Soft-Start technology are standard in all Solis Tek Digital Ballasts.